Arciconfraternita del Sacro Monte dei Morti
in S. Giustino - Chieti

Presentation of the Brotherhood

The Arciconfraternita del Monte dei Morti (Mount of the Dead Brotherhood) probably rose in the XVI Century, aggregated to the "Roman Brotherhood of Prayer and Death", but certainly was institutionalized in 1648. The confraternities arose for carrying out the tasks of a religious nature and Social Committee. Thus, our Arciconfraternita soon was undertaken to ensure the burial of their members, to meet the needs liturgical they required (the suffrage of souls), to support spiritually the condemned the scaffold and heretics intended at the stake. The main efforts, however, is to cure the cult of the Dead Christ and of Our Lady of Sorrows, reflected also in Procession of Good Friday. The recognition of the Confraternity was solemnly ufficialized beside the Ark containing the relics of the Patron Saint, in the crypt of the cathedral; soon it sought to build a seat adjacent to the church of San Giustino. In 1711 the oratory, entitled to Santa Maria Succurre Miseris, was radically refurbished and decorated with rich golden stuccoes by Lombard masters operating in Chieti, based on drawings of the architect Giambattista Gianni. In the middle of the 1700 it was furnished with with a great wooden Cabinet in the sacristy and finally, in the first years of the following century, the stalls of the choir made in neoclassical style were placed in the chapel. The Brothers of the Mount of the Dead Brotherhood are characterised by a particular uniform: unlike all the associated to the other confraternities who wear a tunic and white cap and a cape of different colours, they wear a satin golden cape above the dress and a black cap. They are grouped around the symbols of the Christ and the Virgin Mary and are preceded by the artistic flag that has been embroidered in gold threads in the 17 th century. Why the cap?. Since ever the peoplequestion why these brothers as all other hide the face under the cap, advancing curious arguments. In truth it is to remember the cancellation of their individuality, in a profession of total penitential humility.

Arciconfraternita - Chieti
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