Arciconfraternita del Sacro Monte dei Morti
in S. Giustino - Chieti

Presentation from the Archibishop

The Mount of the Dead Brotherhood is an ancient institution, which has been able to maintain itself loyal to its Christian and Ecclesiastical inspiration throughout the centuries. At the same time, it has been renewing itself according to the needs set out by the believers in sign of times. An example of loyalty is the loving care with which the Brotherhood manages the solemn Procession of the Dead Christ on Good Friday. It is a true and touching proclamation of faith, in the fellowship of a huge congregation of people offering prayers and love to the sufferings of the Son of God, consigned to Death for us. The new Statutes, which I approved, are an example of renewal in the spirit of II Vatican Council, as well as the training effort which is being done to all the brothers on the texts of the Council and the Diocesan Synod, concluded in 2007. May the spirit of the Lord guide the steps of the Brotherhood in the spirit of the Gospel, charity, witness, personal and liturgical prayer, to make Chieti and its age-old traditions more and more a place of hospitality as well as a witness of the beauty that saves the world, as it is revealed and given through Jesus Christ.

+ Bruno Forte
Metropolitan Archibishop of Chieti-Vasto

Arciconfraternita - Chieti
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