Arciconfraternita del Sacro Monte dei Morti
in S. Giustino - Chieti

Presentation from the Governor of
the Brotherhood

Like the Rosary grains flowing through your fingers in a silent prayer, as well, for over four hundred years, the Governors will happen, in the spirit of service, to guide the Arch of the Sacred Mountain of the Dead in S. Giustino di Chieti called to renew from generation to generation, a testimony of faith and experience. The Archbishop's consent Mons. Bruno Forte, father and pastor, and goodwill of the Brothers have wanted that, while professing all my limits, succedessi Governor Giulio Obletter whose ten-year mandate was rich in innovations and opened our association the knowledge and practice of the topics that are typical of a modern Confraternity whose action must also deal with the needs, problems, often the dramas of today's society.
Among the many merits is to be counted the preparation of this website wanted to, in the words that have opened, to " provide people who wish elements of knowledge of a reality extraordinarily rich in history, culture, art and tradition but mostly ready to serve, to volunteer, to the daily, the Christian charity, to love your neighbor ... the hope is that we can find in these pages and in these images, a stimulus to meditation on meaning of Life and Death ".
In the wake of those who have gone before me, the commitment is to ensure that our Confraternity will continue to be a sure point of reference in the fields of practice and religious witness and service to the brothers who are reaching out.

Giampiero Perrotti

Arciconfraternita - Chieti
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